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Spiritual Leaders

Rabbi Irving Jacobs


Rabbi Irving Jacobs (z”l) was involved with the Neveh Shalom Community for over 25 years and regularly provided sermons and shiurim to the community as well as communal support. For over 50 years, Rabbi Jacobs lectured to academic and lay audiences. To his students, he always represented the essence of …continue reading Rabbi Irving Jacobs

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Reverend Zvi Amroussi


Reverend Zvi Amroussi came to Neveh Shalom over 35 years ago and has been responsible for taking services, educating the community through shiurim and sermons and providing communal support for the members over these years of dedicated service.  He has also trained our Barmitzvah and Batmitzvah children. Reverend Amroussi is …continue reading Reverend Zvi Amroussi

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David Ishag Synagogue – Neveh Shalom Community


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