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Rabbi Jacobs lectures

There is a website which contains recordings of some of our late Community Rabbi, Rabbi Irving Jacobs (z”l), lectures.  It was created by his students in appreciation of the insight, inspiration and pleasure he gave them and in the hope that others may enjoy learning from him.  You can enjoy these lectures by clicking here.



The Synagogue has a good selection of books in its library and all those wishing to borrow books from the Synagogue library are welcome to do so.  The library is looked after by our librarians, Jack Sitton and Yehudah Erdman, who would be very happy to assist you.
Please remember when borrowing a book to note the details of the book, your name and contact information in the blue file which is kept in the library so that the librarians will know where these books are.
Thank you for your co-operation and enjoy your reading!

David Ishag Synagogue – Neveh Shalom Community


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